Invited Speakers:
- Effectiveness of ultrasonography screening for breast cancer;
Up-dated data from the RCT of 76,196 women aged 40-49 (J-START)
Noriaki Ohuchi, MD, PhD
(Department of Surgical Oncology, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine)

Keynote Speakers:
- Computer-aided diagnosis for B-mode, elastography and automated breast ultrasound
Ruey-Feng Chang, PhD
(National Taiwan University)
- Advanced telecommunications in breast imaging - Streamlining
telemammography, telepathology & teleoncology services to improve patient care
Elizabeth Krupinski, PhD
(University of Arizona)
- Virtual clinical trials in the assessment of novel breast screening modalities
Andrew Maidment, PhD
(University of Pennsylvania)
- Will new technologies replace mammography CAD as we know it ?
Julian Marshall, PhD
(Hologic, Inc.)
- Breast imaging diagnosis and screening in Korea
Woo Kyung Moon, MD, PhD
(Department of Radiology, Seoul National University Hospital)
- Measurement and clinical use of breast density
Kwan-Hoong Ng, PhD, MIPEM, DABMP
(University of Malaya)
- Low-dose molecular breast imaging - Diagnostic and screening applications
in women with dense breasts
Michael K. O'Connor, Ph.D., FAAPM
(Mayo Clinic)
- Tomosynthesis: What we know now and why TMIST is needed
Etta D. Pisano, MD
(Medical University of South Carolina)

Featured Lectures:
  • Monday (June 30) luncheon sponsored by Hitachi-Aloka Medical
    Session chair: Eriko Tohno, MD (Total Health Evaluation Center Tsukuba)
    - Real-time tissue elastography: Theory and usefulness for breast cancer diagnosis
    Tsuyoshi Shiina, Dr. of Eng. & Med. Sc.
    (Department of Human Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University)

  • Tuesday (July 1) luncheon sponsored by FUJIFILM Medical Co.,Ltd.
    Session chair: Tokiko Endo, MD (National Hospital Organization Higashi Nagoya National Hospital)
    - Clinical benefit using Tomosynthesis
    Ch. Mueller-Leisse, MD
    Mechthild Schulze-Hagen, MD
    (Maria Hilf Moenchengladbach)